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Strong Water-based Leather Adhesive 100 ml

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ABOUT Strong Water-based Leather Adhesive 100 ml

Use: The parts to be glued must be clean, degreased, free of dust or other residues. Can be applied using a sponge brush or a brush . It is spread in a thin layer on both pieces of skin to be glued. In maximum 20 minutes from drying, join the pieces and press.

Caution: Store at temperatures between 5 ° C and 25 ° C. Do not expose to sunlight. Do not allow to freeze. Keep container tightly closed to prevent solidification of the product.

Lid with seal and safety system against accidental opening or by children.


Polymer-based aqueous polymer dispersion modified, content about 50%.
Application method:
Pistol, roller machine, manual with brush / sponge.
Water-based adhesive ideal for gluing natural leather, ecological leather, fabrics, linings, cardboard, other materials. It also adheres excellently to PVC, EVA, nylon, rubber, after the correct preparation of the surfaces. Oily skin (oily skin) with an oil content of up to 15% can also be glued.
Instructions for use:
Apply strong professional skin adhesive on both sides to be attached. Allow the surface to dry slightly (until it no longer looks wet and no longer feels wet to the touch).
Cold use: Within a maximum of 20 minutes of drying the surfaces, perform gluing, coupling the parts. After coupling, the parts must be pressed to ensure correct contact of the soldering surfaces.
Hot use: After the coupling window has passed 20 minutes after the surfaces have dried, the adhesive can be reactivated hot, at a temperature of 70-75ºC, then the parts are coupled and presses according to the instructions for cold application. allows the adhesive to be applied and immediately coupled, then press, according to the cold application instructions.
Coupling window:
Cold: 20 minutes after drying the applied adhesive.
Hot: 48 hours after application.
Water-based polyurethane adhesive with cold application. It can be reactivated hot (see Hot use).
The final strength of the soldering is reached 4 days after soldering.