Leather Project

We love leathercraft! Find everything you need in our craft shop, from leather to metal accessories and supplies. We take pride in our choice of leather tanned in Italy. Get buckles and hooks in high-quality galvanized finishes. Sewing threads and leather adhesives right in our shop, as well as leather dyes and edge coats. Don't forget your tools and you are ready to start you next project!

See how to use our extra thick edge paint:

  • Serafil Thread

    One of the best choices of thread for your machine sewing or hand stitch of leather projects. Continuous filament polyester thread, available in a large variety of colors and sizes. A good choice of supplies will always show in your leather project final result!

  • Leather Dye

    Dye leather, change your sofa's color or fix up your leather shoes? Choose our excellent quality dye, complete with degreaser and your choice of color fixer solution. Don't forget the perfect sponge or applicator and you are set to start!

  • Supplies

    Crafting a new leather project takes a lot of planning. Make sure you have everything you need. We have adhesives and reinforcements, special lining and webbing. But we don't want to spoil the fun, just go ahead and check! :)