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      Now you can order textured leather, tanned in Italy. The leather we provide is soft, with a beautiful and even texture, and the loss is minimal due to its excellent quality. We provide continuity for colors.


      Detaliu piele bizonata

      Leather Detail 


      The color catalog is available below.


      • 31 Euro + VAT / sqm, for orders of at least half a leather (2-2.7 sqm)
      • 44 Euro + VAT / sqm, for orders of at least a quarter of leather (1-1.3 sqm)

      Delivery 2 weeks after payment.

      The skin is delivered by tannery cut in half hides, surface measured and marked. Orders can be placed at multiple of halves or quarters of skin. We can confirm the exact surface of the skin after receiving it in the warehouse.

      Leather specifications:

       Skin type: Cow hides
       Tobacco: Chromium tanning
      Appearance: Textured
      Thickness: ∼1.5 mm
      Tanned in: Italy