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      This store uses cookies to offer visitors and customers a personalized experience, as pleasant as possible. 


      What are Cookies and how long are they kept?

      Cookies cookies (known as “browser cookies” or “HTTP cookies”) are small text files. These files, consisting entirely of letters and numbers, are stored in the user's computer / tablet / phone, and are installed through the browser used. The most commonly used browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. These files are not executable and may not contain viruses, spyware or other types of software. They do not transmit personal information about the user and cannot access other information contained by the hard drive on which they are stored.

      These files are mostly used to keep information that make browsing in the store easier and more pleasant: currency and language preferred by the customer, recognition when returning to the store, keeping the contents of the shopping cart, etc. However, the duration of keeping such a file is determined, being different for each file, depending on its usefulness.

      For example, session cookies are stored during a single visit, and are deleted when the user exits the design accessories store. Persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time, depending on their usefulness.  "Third party" cookies, which belong to other sites, are for example the files used to track the activity of users who use applications of other sites installed on Accesorii-Design.ro (for example, the Like button is tracked by Facebook through cookie files that cannot be accessed by Accesorii-Design.ro and which in turn can not access cookies installed by Accesorii-Design.ro).


      What advantages do I have if I accept cookies?

      Cookies ensure a more pleasant, personalized visit to the store Accesorii-Design.ro. without them, we would have to log in again at each visit to the store, we would lose the contents of the shopping cart from one visit to another and we would have to express our preferences related to various options at each visit.


      How to use Accesorii-Design.ro cookie files?

      Registration cookie files - when you register in the store, a cookie file is automatically generated that announces the server that you are a registered customer. The server personalizes the next visit in the sense that it displays a greeting message, followed by the name of the client, displays on request the data of your account, and allow us to avoid asking again the contact details if you want to comment on the blog, for example, or register for a notification when the return in stock of an accessory that you like, but 

      "Third party" cookies are files used by the applications of other sites, installed on Accesorii-Design.ro when you use them. It is about applications such as Like buttons, Tweet or PinIt from the product page or Blog. Also in this category are Cookies generated by the software for the analysis of visitors / visits in the store, which allow the monitoring of quantitative traffic (number of visits and unique users) and qualitative (if the user is for the first time in our store or returned, how long he spends in the store and what pages he visits). This information is not personal, but general and is used strictly for the purpose of improving the quality of the services offered by Accesorii-Design.ro.

      Among the types of cookies used may be third party cookies (including Google and Facebook). These files can record information such as: the traffic source (the website or mail that recommended our store and helped the customer to get to the store), the time spent by the customer on the site and the pages visited, the device used to visit the online store-desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.. This information does not contain personal data and is then used strictly in order to present to each customer personalized advertising ads based on preferences and history of use of the online store. More information about disabling cookies used by Google to display ads is available in Google Ad Settings. To disable cookies related to the display of remarketing ads (displayed to customers who have visited the store before), go to Double Click deactivation page. For information about disabling all third party Cookies, please visit Network Advertising Initiative deactivation page (currently available in English).

      Other cookies are the files used to keep information about the options of users returned to the store: preferred currency and language, the content of the shopping cart, etc.


      Why are Cookies needed?

      Cookies can be considered, without exaggeration, the central point of effective internet operation, ensuring a friendly and personalized browsing experience according to the preferences and interests of each user. The store cannot be used in the absence of cookies.


      Security and Privacy

      Cookies are text files, cannot be executed, run and cannot be self-duplicated, so they cannot be used as viruses. However, they can be used to intercept certain user-related information during communication between the store and the server, however such attacks are rare. Cookies are used by an overwhelming majority of sites, and sites such as Google, Yahoo or YouTube can not be accessed if the use of cookies is disabled. 

      Each browser offers the possibility to customize the settings related to cookies, to reflect a comfortable level of security for each user. For a computer used in common with other people (such as a computer from the service, for example), you can set the deletion of cookies after each use, that is, after closing the browsing session. Many of the spyware detection and Prevention applications include detecting attacks on websites. Thus, it prevents the browser from accessing sites that could download dangerous software. Make sure your browser is always up to date, because many attacks that use cookies use old versions of browsers.

      Cookies are ubiquitous and almost impossible to avoid for users who want to access the largest and most important sites on the Internet, but understanding their operation and the utility / benefits offered can ensure a pleasant and Safe Browsing on the Internet.


      Disabling or refusing to accept cookies


      Disabling or refusing to accept the use of cookies may make certain sites impractical or difficult to visit and use. However, this option is offered by most browsers. These settings are usually available in the options or Preferences section of your browser. Here are some links that can be useful if you want to customize the cookie settings for your browser: 

      for Chrome

      for Internet Explorer

      for Mozilla Firefox

      For more information, see the browser's Help menu.

      Updated: 29.01.2014