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      Premium Satin Textile Labels

       Etichete imprimate pe satin, gama premium


      New! Now you can order the labels cut in the desired size, for only 0.07 Lei / label.

      Textile Labels from saten (satin) can be ordered in different colors of the label and the material. Labels can be printed on satin, in one color, on one side.

      The prices of satin textile labels, including VAT, are as follows:

      Unit price
      • White or Black satin, width 15, 20, 25, 30 mm, printed with gold / silver
      • White or Black satin with woven edges, width 15, 20, 25, 30 mm, printed with white / black / red / green / blue / gold / silver
      • Satin Cream, Pale Grey, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Red with woven edges, width 15 mm, printed with black / gold / silver;
      • Navy blue satin, width 25 mm, printed with gold / silver
      Between 20 and 40 mm
      0.33 lei
      50 mm
      0.37 lei
      60 mm
      0.42 lei
      70 mm
      0.48 lei
      80 mm
      0.52 lei
      90 mm
      0.56 lei
      100 mm
      0.60 lei
      Label Cutting Services
      Label Cutting Service
      0.07 Law

       Etichete colorate satin 15 mm, imprimate cu negru

       Colored labels - white, pale pink, greige (grey-beige), cream, red, blue, printed in black

      Etichete colorate imprimate cu argintiu

      Colored labels - fuchsia, blue, green, blue, navy, black, red, printed with silver

      Etichete din satin alb sau negru imprimate cu argintiu

      White, black, silver printed labels

      The minimum order is 300 lei. The order can be composed of several label models, but not less than 100 labels per model, size and color. This amount does not include transport.


      The cost of creating the format, according to the client's instructions, is 30 Lei, VAT included. This service does not include changes or logo creation, addition of images transmitted in smaller formats or resolutions than necessary, use of non-standard fonts, etc. This service is paid only once for a format (if you want to print the same label format on other occasions, the format is kept and it is no longer necessary to pay the service for the following orders).

      It is possible that images with too fine details or transmitted in .jpg format with a resolution lower than 300 dpi may require additional services for the realization of the format.


      The labels can be ordered continuous (a strip containing several labels) or cut. Please take into account that the satin ribbon has a tendency to fade, so we recommend that all satin labels be calculated in such a way that when sewing, the part that may fade is covered, as in the image below:

      Etichete din saten personalizate - cum se cos pe produs

      We recommend 5-10 mm at each end of the label reserve for sewing (e.g. if you want a satin label with a visible size).

      For other formats, materials, print colors or information, please contact us contact, we are at your disposal with pleasure. Include in the email a phone number where we can contact you.

      We respond to all requests, if you have not received a response on the first working day, please also check the Junk / Spam section of the email or contact us at 0341405236.

      Thank you!