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      Aluminium Edge Paint Roller | Accesorii Design

      The tool is made of aluminum.

      The roll has striations that allow easy dosing of paint edges, depending on how tight the screws behind the flange are. The closer the flange is to the roller, the thinner a layer of gummed paint is applied to the edges of the skin.

      The removable roller allows easy pouring of the paint into the tool tank, and easy cleaning after use.

      How to paint leather edges

      The paint is added in sufficient quantity to the roller, a turn the roller a few times in the paint to completely cover it with a layer of paint, then start applying it to leather edges.

      The tool should be cleaned with water after each use.

      Between batches of metal accessories there may be differences in shade, normal, caused by galvanized quantity, product dimensions and other conditions that cannot be fully controlled by the manufacturer. These differences can be more noticeable in dark colors (Shiny Grey, Gold) and are not considered manufacturing defects. Products ordered from stock can be returned according to Return policy.


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