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Edge Paint Roller Tool

| SKU: UT132-1902 - UT132-1902
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ABOUT Edge Paint Roller Tool

Tool for making beautiful leatherwork projects edges, with edge paint.

The roller is made of aluminum and the tank is made of durable plastic.

It is a very useful tool for painting long edges, for example leather straps, straps, bags, because it allows both hands to be free to hold the product and apply a continuous and uniform coat of paint.

Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 cm.

Height 3.5 cm.

Roll width: 2 cm.

The amount of paint taken on the roller can be adjusted by tightening the screws. The position of the piece can be moved left or right.

The roll is not detachable.

Cleaning is required after each use.

Made in Italy.