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Leather Dye Pigment Liquid Paint, Dark Brown 100 ml

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ABOUT Leather Dye Pigment Liquid Paint, Dark Brown 100 ml

The leather dye or paint can be used to recondition old leather or change its' color.

Changing leather color works from a lighter to a darker shade, not the other way around (you can go from white to black, but not from black to white). 

The contents of a bottle can dye between 0.5 and 1 square meter of leather, one coat, depending on the condition and degree of absorption of the Leather.

It may be necessary to apply several coats of paint to achieve the desired effect.

The dye is water-based and environmentally friendly.

If you want to lightly retouch or obtain a slightly transparent or less opaque effect, you can dilute the paint with demineralized water.


How to go about Dyeing Leather:


  • Always mix the content of the bottle well before use. Try to mix rather than shake. Use some demineralized water to dilute the paint if it is too dense.
  • Use protection gloves, the dye will paint your skin and nails.
  • Take your time applying the dye, take small amounts of dye on the sponge and apply it with light and round motions.
  • Dry the leather at medium temperature (15-30°C), do not expose to heat sources or direct sunlight
  • Always apply the fixing solution after you are done dyeing.