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Matte Dye Fixing Solution Paint, 100 ml

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ABOUT Matte Dye Fixing Solution Paint, 100 ml

The matte leather paint fixator is applied after dyeing and complete drying of the paint and helps to:

  • complete fixation of the color after leather dyeing
  • Avoid further discoloration or color transfer
  • Obtaining a beautiful, glossy finish.


How to go about Dyeing Leather:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the Leather, it should not be dirty, damp, dusty, greasy;
  • when the Leather is completely dry wipe with Leather Degreaser, using a white clean cloth
  • After the degreaser is dry apply the dye to the leather, using the Sponge for Uniform Application or the foam brush for small areas;
  • After the first layer is dry you can apply a new coat of paint if needed;
  • After obtaining the desired look of the leather, allow it to dry completely, and then apply the Glossy Fixer or the Matte Fixer using a clean cloth.
  • Enjoy the result of your work :)


  • This product has a distinctive smell and might irritate the airways, only use in well-ventilated rooms, do not smoke, or use near open flames.
  • Always mix the content of the bottle well before use. Try to mix rather than shake. 
  • Use protective gloves.
  • Take your time applying the dye, take small amounts of dye on the sponge and apply it with light and round motions.
  • Dry the leather at medium temperature (15-30°C), do not expose to heat sources or direct sunlight
  • Always apply the fixing solution after you are done dyeing.